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When you have been injured in an auto accident, you need to see an auto injury chiropractor as soon as possible. Holistic, non-invasive treatment is ideally suited for the most common types of injuries and pain resulting from an auto accident. Dr. Laura Sinclair of Carolina Chiropractic in Rock Hill, SC specializes in treating auto accident injuries. 

The injuries that result from an auto accident often cause soft tissue damage. This can be in the form of strains and sprains, whiplash, and bruising to the tendons, muscles, and ligaments. But it is not limited to that; joints can be injured as well as the discs in the back and neck. The sooner you get into the office of your auto injury chiropractor the better. These are not the types of injuries that benefit from wasting time. 

After an initial exam, getting a gentle manipulation can set the stage for the relief you need. During the acute injury stage, gentle stretching and manipulation is called for. Some people feel the effects of whiplash immediately, others don't, but in a few days they can be in excruciating pain in their back, neck, or shoulders. The seatbelt, while potentially life-saving, can hurt the very complex shoulder joint. 

Depending on the degree of injury, you may need to get an MRI to determine the extent of injury. After the initial adjustment, additional adjustments may be required to help to keep the inflammation under control. The addition of massage and other chiropractic treatments can help continue the treatment along with stretching exercises to do at home.

Electrical muscle stimulation may also be used. This causes the muscle to make small contractions which tire it and cause it to relax. When muscles are relaxed, they are more receptive to other therapy and relaxation after an auto accident can greatly decrease pain. Electrical muscle therapy works well on back and neck muscles but can also be used on shoulders and anywhere else where the muscles are tense. 

Cold therapy may also be used in the immediate aftermath of an accident and then the application of heat may be recommended. Auto injuries can be very painful, and your chiropractor can help to get you back on your feet in the shortest amount of time possible. 

For an auto injury chiropractor, contact Dr. Sinclair at Carolina Chiropractic in Rock Hill, SC. Our office can be reached for appointments at  803-328-2800. 

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