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Gentle Spine Adjustments

The spine is responsible for holding the majority of the weight of everything we carry. To do this properly, each vertebrae must be stacked just right. Everyday activities can cause these vertebrae to become misaligned, resulting in muscle and other related pain. Dr. Laura Sinclair of Carolina Chiropractic, serving the Rock Hill, SC area, can use gentle spine adjustments to relieve the pain and other issues caused by misalignments. 

What Causes Misalignments?

The most common reasons the vertebrae become misaligned include:

  • Sudden, jarring impacts (most often from a fall or impact)
  • Carrying heavy loads
  • Overuse
  • Twisting motions in the body
  • Degeneration

What Can Misalignments Do?

When the vertebrae are misaligned, there are a couple of issues at play. First, the vertebrae can wind up pinching the spinal discs or nerves in the area. Pinching can lead to increased pain, tingling, and reduced signal flow through the nerves, which reduces the function of whatever it is supplying (which may lead to impaired organ function).

For example, the sciatic nerve, when agitated, can cause a burning sensation that goes from the lower back down the back of the thigh. This happens so often that the condition - sciatica - is named simply for the nerve.

Misalignments also result in back muscles having to work in excess to compensate for the unbalanced load on the spinal column and can impede blood flow. 

Can Gentle Spine Adjustments Help?

Absolutely. Spine adjustments do not require painful force or contortionist twisting to see results. A well-trained chiropractor can use a more gentle jostle to help get vertebrae back where they belong. 

After a few treatments, the body will be carrying loads properly. This will reduce the exertion of the back muscles, as well as inflammation caused by their overuse. Pinched nerves or bulging disks will also begin to experience relief. Circulation throughout the whole body will improve.

If you are in the Rock Hill, SC area, and wonder whether or not you may be able to benefit from gentle spine adjustments, contact Carolina Chiropractic to schedule a consultation. Dr. Laura Sinclair will be happy to help explain all of the benefits you can expect. 

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